How it Works

How it Works

Every year thousands of pounds remain unclaimed by customers of raw material shippers, merchants and suppliers across the UK.  RMC works professionally and independently to claim back those funds on out of contract raw materials purchased.  Even if you are only buying small amounts per month, this should not be overlooked as I can be of valuable service to you.

Only certain raw materials used in the manufacture of finished animal feed, mainly the imported ones as highlighted below can have allowance claims available:

  • Hipro Soya Meal
  • Hipro / Lopro Sunflower
  • Maize Distillers
  • Maize Gluten
  • Palm Kernel
  • Rapemeal

All of these materials are traded under the GAFTA agreement with specific qualities for each in terms of Protein, Oil, Moisture and Fibre. Salamon & Seaber and other authorised labs are the companies who do the official testing then provide the shipper with the results. The samples are taken from the vessel on arrival into UK Ports.

Once RMC receive the contract details from the client, I will then request the official vessel analysis certificates from the shipper, calculate the claim value then invoice the shipper or merchant on your behalf.  These invoices are paid directly to you.  The whole process can often be very time consuming when awaiting the analysis results that were requested as some contracts may still not be finalised or perhaps even bought through third parties.  RMC work closely with all the major shipping companies and merchants throughout the UK and have done for the past 20 years.  

RMC will ensure you

  • Peace of mind 
  • Additional funds that are rightfully owed back to you
  • No risk professional arrangement

The service I provide to the Industry is completely separate to your own on-site raw material testing when materials arrive on your weighbridges and samples taken whilst unloading on your sites.

You can read in depth about vessel analysis in the articles which were published in the Feed Compounder Magazine

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  • I DO NOT handle any of the claims funds, these are paid directly back to clients and then our fee charge will be sent separately along with full details.
  • I adhere to a code of strict confidentiality with all our clients at all times.
  • If unsuccessful with any claims (if materials are within contract spec) then there will be no fee chargeable.
  • I use back up devices and always use secure email when communicating with clients.
  • If any analysis documents are required by our clients ( for 3rd party reasons) then just ask for copies as these are held electronically for the past 2 years.